Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art History Inspirations

Hey again

It's finally the reading week for me and I'm so excited! I was looking through my old sketchbook and found some drawings I did for my art history class last term. After flipping through old sketches, I fell in love again with 3 pieces out of my whole sketchbook. I'll admit it right now, as an artist, I do tend to be hard on myself a lot.

Anyways, this first sketch was inspired by the Stone Age era. I find the Neanderthals very comical with their enlarged eyebrow bridges and their facial structure, so I did a caricature drawing of a Cavemen. Medium: Sharpie, marker, and pencil crayon on paper.

The next one was inspired by Greek Mythology. I love Disney's Hercules, but Disney loves to just sugar coat everything, so I redid Phil as another caricature sketch. Medium: Sharpie, marker, and pencil crayon on paper.

Lastly, this sketch is a caricature drawing of the Renaissance painting, Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife. I'm not a huge fan of the Renaissance art, so I decided to make an interesting twist with the famous painting by Jan Van Eyck. Medium: Sharpie and marker on paper

Anyways, let me know what you think.